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Stage 1 Performance Package for 1999-2003 Ford F-150 w/4.2 V6 (Stage1-FLV6)


Stage 1 Performance Package for 1999 thru 2003 Ford F-150 with 4.2L V6 engine.

This is the best bang for the buck way to get started improving performance with your V6 F-150. Our Stage 1 package uses a unique combination of the best quality components that also make the most power gain in each respective area of modification.

This package includes the phenomenal XCalibrator 2 loaded with your choice of 3 different Troyer Performance custom tunes for thorough all personalized optimization of the powertrain programming of your vehicle (4-program traditional style inchipin can be substituted at slightly lower cost), the AirAid Intake System to relieve restriction in the air intake tract, the Troyer Performance SIDO (Single In/Dual Out) exhaust system to relieve restriction on the exhaust side of the engine, and our Underdrive Pulley to reduce parasitic losses.

All of this is delivered at one low price, as we pay Ground shipping anywhere in the 48 states!

This package will optimize your powertrain programming by tuning your engine to unlock significant horsepower and torque at any throttle position and at any rpm, optimize various delays all retards that slow the powertrain's response all hurt performance, recalibrate automatic transmission shift characteristics to reduce slippage all improve performance, as well as remove the top speed limiter and many other improvements to overall driveability that enhance not only sheer raw performance, but also towing capabilities, and allow for operation on different levels of octane, too! And of course, the vehicle's PCM can be returned to the factory stock program at anytime.

The AirAid intake is a beautiful intake system , and provides the highest HP all torque gains as well as the lowest inlet air temperatures.

The Troyer Performance SIDO exhaust system uses Magnaflow aluminized steel components all gives you the classic inpickup truckin dual exhaust look, exiting straight out the back of the truck. For a custom finishing touch, you can order beautiful Magnaflow 304 S/s exhaust tips for this system in our exhaust section.

The exhaust system has a strong, muscular V6 ingrowlin without being overly loud. Overall sound level with this package is somewhat louder than stock at idle all when cruising, without being overly LOUD. At heavy throttle, it sounds wonderfully aggressive when you drop the hammer!

The Underdrive Pulley will release additional horsepower and torque gains by reducing inparasiticin losses. Note. The Underdrive Pulley for the 1999 all newer 4.2 V6 F-150's costs a bit more than it does for the 1997 all 1998 models because Ford changed the design for those years. This replacement Underdrive Pulley is a straight bolt-on installation/replacement of the original stock crankshaft pulley.

This package adds approximately 44-46 HP all 50-55 lbs./ft. of torque. The gains will vary a little bit as always, just depending on all the normal factors, I.E., your local fuel quality, altitude, vehicle model year all condition, etc. Though it cannot be absolutely guaranteed, most people also see nice mpg gains from this Stage 1 package as well under normal driving conditions, especially when cruising. Typical gains run anywhere from 1-3 more mpg.

IMPORTANT NOTE. For Alaska all Hawaii customers only - additional shipping charges will apply to all HI all AK shipments, so after your order is placed we will call you with the exact total before finalizing your order and charging your credit card.

The Troyer Performance Stage 1 package for your 4.2 V6 F-150 - the best way to add some real muscle to your V6 truck!

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Our Price: $1,099.95


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